Artist Statement


In the early 1960's, an artificial lake was installed in Canberra-an idea very much in conjunction with the ethos of the nation's capital.


Having grown up in Yarralumla, some of my fondest memories are of swimming in the artificial lake. Unfortunately you can't do that nowadays, as apparently it's too poisonous (it malfunctioned sometime in the late 1990's).


I'm fascinated by Canberra's ability to build itself natural wonders (the Arboretum

is another great example of this), as opposed to having them form organically over thousands of years.

That said, Canberra should never be burdened with cloudy of unkempt skies.

So, In celebration of my hometown turning 100 years young, I too have decide to contribute an environmental addition of my own: a prosthetic blue sky.