Socrates said ‘the unexamined life is not worth living’, I believe that we each have a different way of examining and exploring our lives and mine is through my art practice.

          I currently work at Tinys Green Shed, the last stop for possessions and objects before landfill. To me waste is not only a valuable resource, it is a lifelong passion.  I am a hybrid artist taking on the challenge of working predominately with recycled, reusable and renewable resources. I make one off compositions, that reflect the issues and events that effect me and my environment. I begin a piece by researching my subject and different methods of construction, experimenting with materials and investigating the endless possibilities.

          I find that subjects, materials and objects find me rather than me choosing them. Working in recycling I get to see the amount of reuseables and recyclables that disappear into landfill. This has given me an interest in how we, as a nation are now, and will continue to deal with this issue. My process of selection offers me the opportunity to generate a diverse collection of items, choosing on my most recent project to emphasise our emboddiedness and associations with objects from teapots to typewriters, graphics to furniture and everything in between. Using assemblage to create pieces that embody the memory of an objects own story as well as allow it to participate in a new larger dialogue.

          I love to collage ideas and materials constructing 3 dimensional layers of visual interest and meaning. My work is based on a design anarchy approach and always takes on a life of its own and creates itself.  I choose briefs that stimulate my imagination and my inner child at the moment Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland is my muse. My designs are intended to give something to the audience, quite often the gift is a smile or the opportunity to ignite the imagination.