Artist Statement

I have based my designs on traditional Latvian motifs which have been used since early times as decorative elements in knitting and weaving. I have elaborated and arranged the motifs to form a continuous decorative design. There was also the rhythm of the hand plying the needle and thread.  As embroidery is and has been looked on as a female craft, my work could be linked to the rhythm of a woman's life, both biological and social. Latvian motifs were part of ancient Pagan religion. My work can also be linked to the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of seasons.

The motifs used were


Auseklis - The Morning Star - protects sleeping souls from evil

Laima - Goddess of Destiny - determines whether a human life will be short or long, affluent or poverty-stricken, carefree or full of worry. Looks after women giving birth

Saule - The Sun- Goddess of fertility, patroness of unfortunate people especially orphans

Krusts - The Cross - one of the oldest symbols, featured in knitted and other textile items as far back as the 8th century.  Used for protection