My work, "Canberra Gold", relates to Charles Weston, who was appointed as Officer-in-Charge of afforestation of Canberra in 1913.

Weston's task was to create a landscape to complement Walter Burley Griffin's design for the national capital.

Weston was influenced by the Garden City Movement and created a landscape with strong seasonal colour.

Between 1913 to 1926 he was responsible for the planting of two million trees and shrubs.

In Canberra, each year, we enjoy the colourful, golden beauty of autumn leaves. Charles Weston has left us an enduring visual legacy, which I have represented in my work.

My work is a collage of monoprinted Japanese paper, placed over textured paper which in turn has been placed on top of Hanemeuhle paper.

My drawings of leaves, graphite pencil and coloured pencil, have been cutout and placed on top of the monoprinted paper.