Rachael has over 18 years dance teaching experience and formal teaching qualifications through Queensland University of Technology and teaches weekly and private classes.

Rachael was introduced to master artist Suraya Hilal’s work in 1996, meeting Suraya Hilal in 1997 in Winchester UK. Rachael was invited to teach Hilal Dance ( in Canberra as an Associate of the Hilal Dance organisation in 2003.

In 2007 Rachael joined the Hilal Dance Professional course and was awarded the Hilal Dance Diploma in 2010.

Rachael has been key in organising European based master teacher Suraya Hilal’s Australian workshops for the last 6 years and continues her own dance training both nationally and internationally.

Rachael, a former board member for Canberra Dance Theatre board (2008-2013), continues to provide volunteer support to both Canberra Dance Theatre and Belconnen Arts Centre.

Random9 Work

2014 - Rhythm Exhibition - Theta




• Green screen sequences filmed at Sun Studios Sydney Jan 14 through Multiple Spinifex Group for the Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital UAE Oratorio in March 2014;

• Site specific works at the M16 Gallery, the ANU School of Art and the DAncesieNCE festival at CSIRO.


• Co-ordinated Hilal Dance Australia's ( Year Anniversary Retrospective performance,

• Performed with the Hilal Dance Company in Alkimia at the Tanzhaus NRW Dusseldorf Germany,

• Facilitated an inclusive dance class in Belconnen Arts Centre Room to Move series, choreographed for the Canberra Dance Theatres 35th anniversary showcase at the National Multicultural Festival and

• Presented a Hilal Dance master class at the Arts Up Front ACT Arts Education Conference at the ANU.

2011 and 2012

• Joined the Hilal Dance Company in the development and performance of its production Alchemy after successfully securing consecutive Artist in Residence opportunities with Belconnen Arts Centre (BAC).

• Rachael’s work was included as part of the local program in 2011.


Choreographed and performed with Hilal Dance Australia at the Illawarra Folk Festival & at the National Folk Festival in Canberra and Fragments in 2011 at the National Gallery of Australia Ballet Russes Exhibition.