Artist Statement

The images, being on the edge of abstraction 1-5 and 7, 2008 are a re-creation of my thought processes, the idea that it is possible to flatten the various planes of time. These images are in a sense a representation of the fictional and the dream like created in the real setting of a 1930s Canberra house. Ever since I was a child I have found solace in my mind, in weaving stories much like the fairy tales of long ago.

 Art is my escape into this world of dreams when real life gets too hard or…too real!

 With these works I have also tried to explore my spiritual beliefs. I sometimes find that I seek light forgetting that it is already all around me, all enveloping, ever present, I don’t have to go far just look inside myself and I will find it.

The body of work, penso a te… 2010 were created while at a residency at the Canberra Glassworks, the oldest permanent building in Canberra. My work has revolved around the ongoing themes of the interaction between past and present with a particular focus on light.

 The “glassworks” was the perfect project for me to move onto, from a small private space in 2008 where the series “being on the edge…” were created to the larger public domain of a building that belonged to the city. Particularly fascinating were the multi panelled windows of the building and the light that floods its interior.

 “During the residency Payal inhabited musty tunnels, odd corners, voluminous stair wells, working with light where it leaked or flooded into space. Through the final works created from her time at the Canberra Glassworks we are shown something of mystery and melancholy, exploring the power and space that is taken up by absence.” Clare Belfrage, Creative director Canberra Glassworks in the catalogue essay.

“Penso a te” is Italian for “I am thinking of you” and is in memory of my mother.