This work represents the sincerity the human heart is capable of - together with the profound impact acceptance and love can have on an individual.  The aperture signifies our ability to give and receive - permitting ourselves such virtues. The locket symbolizes an opening heart – his heart – his unconditional love. For the first time I was exposed to this affection - A yearning I concealed most of my life.  Found objects fill the piece allowing me to celebrate and grieve in harmony – each item ensures my memory will remain clear.

After a 35 year separation, I was reunited with my father, sharing the final 5 years of his life. During this time, my true identity was revealed, the missing piece was found, and my puzzle was complete.

The chain symbolises our relationship – linking us together – a combination of small and large links signify the Father/Daughter relationship amid its strengths and weaknesses – linked together – strong in unity. The combination of two beautiful metals symbolise living in harmony – whilst very different – they are both precious – a representation of true acceptance of one another.