One thing I value more than anything is the connection and energy I share with other people in my life. . I wish to make the invisible visible, to capture a feeling, a link that cannot be seen and give it form. The space, interaction and energy that exists between my daughter Jacqueline and myself is the relationship I am exploring in this body of work.

My fascination with this energy between people stems from my past when I spent 20 years of the first part of my life on medication for Epilepsy. I believe this medication not only inhibited transmitting between my synapses, but also effected my connection with the environment and the people in my life, creating for me a feeling of disconnection and isolation.

Giving shape to the way I interpret interaction between the people around me helps me to remember that there is much more beyond the physical to consider, and that we all have an energy that unites us.

In sculpting hot glass I use the fluid, transparent  and fragile qualities of glass to help me represent the energy I see, to create a symbol that is representative of the connection I feel.  John Paul Robinson creates his pieces in order to express a visual interpretation of life and his link to it. He uses glass to make the invisible connection to the universe visable. Not just the reality he is physically aware of, but also the unseen, unknowable reality that informs it. It is this unknown space that I am also giving shape too.

My cast glass pieces are shapes taken from the space between my kiss and my daughters’ skin, and also the point at which our skin connects when Jacqueline falls asleep in my arms. In removing our physical selves from the experience, and leaving only the interstitial space, I am highlighting the energy and emotional exchange of the moment rather than the skin to skin sensation.  Antony gormley also explores a similar exchange of energy in his work ‘Sense”, 1991 by using the negative space between his body and his environment. This work looks at the knowledge of ones self within the environment. Experiencing Freedom by knowing where one fits.

The connection between people is also what inspires the work of Wenda Gu, a Chinese contempory artist based in New York. Words, languages, human hair, glue, calligraphy, and stone carving are just a few of the materials used create the physical link between people of all cultures. He uses human hair, because it is a physical substance we all have in common. Where I do not use a biological link , I use form and colour to explain my connection with others. There is no skin tone, no flags to identify any culture. Simply the form of how as a people I see that we are all linked, that we are all from the same energy.