Artist Statement

Circadian Rings is a continuous sound texture built from recordings of parts of my day. A day of life is mapped to an hour of audio in a non-repeating cycle in which sounds may appear at their appropriate time cut up into shifting rhythmic fragments according to pseudo-random processes (mathematical rings).

My present arts practice creating generative sound and music is a recent convergence of threads that have run though my whole life, such as experimental music, present moment listening, and perception and production of textures in sound, image and animation. My interest in avant-garde electronic music in the 1970s and my own musical experiments in the 1980s led to my participation in the Brisbane noise scene of the 1990s which brought together ideas from drone music, harsh noise, electronic dance music and free improvisation. A central theme of my PhD on psycho-acoustics was that hearing is an active process: we consciously choose what we hear. My postdoctoral work in the UK involved studying the perception of sound textures such as running water and traffic noise. Now I am bringing this deep understanding of computation, perception and acoustics to bear in creating generative sound art for installations and performance.