Born in Sydney, Melissa now lives and works in Canberra, Australia. Melissa is a qualified Occupational Therapist (Bachelor of Applied Science, 1985) and has worked for many years in the area of mental health recovery.

Melissa has studied a variety of dance forms as well as the use of dance in therapy and has always been passionate about dance, both as an art form and a medium for creative expression.

Melissa began Hilal Dance ( classes with Rachael Hilton in Canberra in 2003. Since this time, regular classes with Rachael have been complemented by workshops and training with Sarah Hamilton.

Melissa has been fortunate to attend many of the workshops offered by Suraya Hilal or Alessandro Bascioni in Australia since 2003 as well as attending Hilal Dance Week in Dusseldorf. Melissa was invited to join the Hilal Dance Professional Course in 2008. She is also assists Rachael in teaching in Canberra and is particularly interested in the expressive potential of Hilal Dance through choreography and improvisation.

Random9 Work

2014 - Rhythm Exhibition - Theta