Artist Statement

As an artist and a maker, I am fortunate to have the first intimate relationship with the piece created. The object will then travel on a personal journey of its own and soon others will be drawn to its alluring presence and continue along with it. No one is certain of its destiny, not knowing if the object will be treasured by the owner, or simply misplaced, lost or forgotten.

My work reflects the relationships between jewellery and the human form and it investigates the dynamic connection between adornment, creative expression, daily rituals and embedded memory, they are to be worn and enjoyed. Uniting the maker, the wearer and the viewer.

The techniques I use stem from my commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. I enjoy the process of making and I attempt to convey a diverse message through my work.

My work reflects a continued development and exploration of materials, form and content. Essentially it is created by drawing from the many layers and various aspects of my own life experiences.

Maria Klingner