The potential of cloth as an artistic medium provides an exciting array of avenues for investigation, and a long held interest in stitching and surface embellishment has led me to develop these practices as methods of visual expression.

My work is influenced by a perception of the visible natural landscape, subject to endless cycles of layering and erosion, changing and evolving over time, as a metaphor for the invisible, mysterious landscape of the human psyche.

Recent work has been based on a personal journey which has caused me to reflect on the nature of identity and the “self”. To this end, I have examined issues of visibility and invisibility, presence and absence, using constructed textiles such as the female garment as a visual reference. Clothing has become synonymous with the persona we project to the outside world and either intentionally or unintentionally, the way we dress serves as a mechanism for protection, suppression or even revealing of the fragile inner self. My recent textile works reflect responses to and observations of this fascinating human process.