This painting creates confusion between figure and ground. The main figure in the painting, Black Mountain Tower, is actually the ground. The tower on the mountain disappears and reappears to the viewer of the art work in the same way over the last 100 years the present landscape of Canberra has appeared and been carved out and created. Kristen often plays with the materiality of paint and the blurred boundaries between the definitions of painting, drawing and sculpture, by removing conventional supports either partly or completely. She often creates form with paint as normally associated with sculpture but at the same time creates lines normally associated with drawing. The removal of a conventional rectangular support accentuates the sculptural dimensionality of the paint and captures both the flow and form of paint itself but more importantly the evidence of a person in the art making process. Kristen was inspired to create this artwork after viewing how a group of special needs children interpreted the Black Mountain Tower landscape through drawing.