Kristen normally creates organic webs of paint affixed directly to the gallery. Because her preferred installation process is not possible at this venue she has adapted by affixing her paint to paper and mounting her work on board.

In this work “Baghdad Reconstructed” Kristen plays with materiality, colour theory and pattern while also dealing with the theme of the reconstructed demographic layout of Baghdad across the period 2003-2009-a period of extreme sectarian violence. Following the fall of Saddam Hassan the void of authority resulted in a battle between Islamic groups vying for power and control of Baghdad. The extreme sectors of the Sunni population would cleanse Shiite population from their Sunni dominated suburbs by means of murder and intimidation such as painting a red ‘X’ on their front doors. This ‘X’ symbolized that a member of the family would be killed if they did not vacate their homes. Extreme sectors of the Shia retaliated for their own survival by cleansing Sunni from their Shiite dominated suburbs. The result is a division of Shias’ and Sunnis into separate enclaves, shrinking of mixed religious suburbs and reduction of violence because mixed neighborhoods had been a catalyst for violence