Kristen has reworked the Rorschach psychological test ‘card IX’ to play with the physical processes normally associated with ink-blot butterfly paintings. In the original Rorsharck psychological test, if a person has difficulty processing this ink blot painting referred to as ‘card IX’ it may indicate they have trouble dealing with unstructured data. Kristen chose ‘card IX’ to rework because she too likes to challenge a viewer’s acceptance of structured art definitions. Kristen often plays with materiality of paint and the blurred boundaries between the definition of  painting, drawing and sculpture by removing all conventional supports. The removal of a conventional support highlights the sculptural dimensionality of the paint. The sculptural materiality of the paint is also important in this work because it captures the flow and form of paint itself and evidence of the art making process. In this case the surface morphology is an artifact of the physical movement of paint in process of making a butterfly painting.