This work explores the contrast between the infinite sublime verses containment and barrier. The billowing wall of smoke is ominous, powerful, uncontrolled, threatening but also a beautiful spectacle we are drawn to gaze at. The sky is a wall of smoke which extends seemingly infinitely beyond the canvas edge but the razor wire blocks the viewer’s entrance to the scene. The razor wire halts egress in both directions. The razor wire amplifies the extent to which humanity is dwarfed by the power of the scene. This image posses questions but does not provide answers. The scale of the scene is immense but there is no indication if the viewer stand point is one of safety or if they are trapped and doomed as a threatening wall of smoke bears down upon them. The razor wire could also be blocking the escape to safety of people on the other side. Is there a possible victim or person under threat or not and which side of the razor wire does the potential victim stand.