Cabinet of Curiosity, v1 2015.

 Cabinets of curiosity have had a long tradition of displaying wealth and power since the renaissance, transforming spectacularly into whole rooms of wonders and conspicuous consumption. They are usually viewed as ad hoc museums specifically related to the owners interests and a memory capsule of an individual in general. The objects themselves have morphed over time and are now used in a variety of ways as not only a museum of curios, but as a display technique for many purposes.

I would suggest that a display has a coherent collection aimed as a purpose and as I see it, a cabinet of curiosity is an informal meandering through a variety and sometimes-contradictory themes. As in this cabinet that was in of itself, constructed as a display for an institution and discarded into the transit state of ubiquitous hopper, so are the objects within. Within this cabinet are recovered items from firestorms, discarded artworks, the lost and dumped. Some show evidence of technological progression ethos that leaves a residue of the consequence of change.  

Dimensions of work:  1840 Wide x 1730mm high, 110mm deep