Canberra is as I see it, a stupidity. It's a beautiful and particularly Australian stupidity in which we should be proud.

Instead of using one of our great cities, such as Melbourne or Sydney as our capital, we chose a location that was away from the coast where most Australians dwell, with basically no population base, no industry and in a location that alternates between freezing cold and stinking hot. As one politician put it, a waste of a good sheep paddock. It seems from my reading between the lines, it's all because a shirt fight, a juvenile one-upmanship game that would never end between the pre-federated states and in particular Canberra's bigger siblings, Sydney and Melbourne.

Canberra for me, is public housing. It was and still is a great idea. It is a city that was populated by the forced migration of tens of thousands of public servants over a short period of time.  These public houses were to be mixed in with the architect designed and private to avoid the social degeneration seen elsewhere in public housing estates. They not only accommodated the working class but allocated as housing for the wave of incoming public servants.

The "Guvvie" is now disappearing. Australia's fascination with bigger homes has combined with the creep upwards of the "Unimproved Land Value" and with the building industry's cry of "Why Renovate? Knock Down & Rebuild! It's Cheaper!" has shown the beginning of the end for the social mix in the suburbs. The gentry will eventually take over as the residents die and the profit goes to general revenue. Once again the public housing will fade out and the suburbs will be dominated by the middle class.