This series is a collection of objects created from rustic technologies. Ingrid uses historic corsetry and casting techniques in her work. In this series, she has adapted the Victorian concept of synthetic amber to explore rebuilding ourselves and our surrounds.

 Longevity (fruit): The search for longevity is revealed in our attempts to recapture our youth and beauty. This work couples the peach, the symbol of longevity, with a corset reminiscent of bamboo, symbolising strength with flexibility. Hidden inside each peach is a real peach; aged, shrivelled and vibrant with life and the remnants of summers past.

 Division (flower): This work captures ethereal moments of division and rebuilds them in resin and colour. It is impossible to rebuild as before, the essence remains.

 Foundation (flesh): The ribbon corset is a fragile form filled with steel, displaying an ornamental busk of resin and brick, a motif of inner strength.