Graduation                     End of 3rd year exhibition, ANU School of Art. December 2010.

Portes ouvertes             
End of year exhibition at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts
ENSBA                      (ENSBA) in the centre of St. Germain, Paris France. June 2010. 


Honours:                           Current from August 2011- August 2012, In Sculpture department.

Bachelor Degree:          Bachelor of Visual Arts- Sculpture Major
                                                Australian National University, Canberra
                                     January 2008- November 2010

Abroad:                              (Included in Undergraduate) 6 month abroad program Paris, France
                                    Ecole Nationale SupĂ©rieure des Beaux Arts (ENSBA), Paris.
                                    January 2010- August 2010