“Moored, not shipwrecked” originated as a Department of Housing, tenant initiated grant for outdoor furniture at Lyneham Flats, Northbourne Avenue, ACT.

While the idea of creating an outdoor place to sit would be a positive amenity for the residence, it could also be a source of annoyance, as the sound of people sitting outside, chatting, would be heard by all the residents. It took me a long time to realise this problem and then to find the one place on the property where this was not so.

Identifying this site of privacy, a curved alcove, suggested the form of the bench seat. My next consideration was how to make a seat strong enough to withstand vandalism. I used thick planks of wood and bent them into the boat form, referencing the ancient Greek boat, the Argos. But the story of Jason and the Argonauts turns tragic and Jason is eventually killed when the rotting hull of his beached vessel crushes him. So I cast bronze rope attachments to show that the boat is moored not shipwrecked, as are the residents of public housing.