I am a ceramic artist. I make highly patterned objects, functional and non-functional.

At the moment I am enjoying and am propelled to make cups or mugs. I enjoy how we interact with these everyday objects in a physical way that engages our senses.

 My works are distinctly recognisable by the linear pattern I employ. The quality of the linear pattern can be organic or constructed; often I place the two alongside each other in contrast. The objects often flaunt an optical display of balance and tension.  The patterned objects I make are the colours of clay, rich browns and white as opposed to the traditional cover of glaze.

I feel it necessary to be able to touch and handle ceramics. To feel the bumps, grains of the object and the overall weight. I like to be reminded and sometimes surprised, how the lip of a mug feels. Is it thick, thin, grainy, rough or smooth?

The parameters I choose in my art practice result in patterned objects.  I make these objects to share a sensory, and not often aggressive optical experience, furthermore convey my merriment of a totally tactile and diverse material that is clay.