The passion and desire to give found objects a voice ignites within the artist a challenge to discover what ponderous and whimsical things they can become.

It's what drives her making. The detritus of everyday life, the objects and materi- als that are thrown away are use in her sculptures. Drawn to shiny or rusty things with patterns; the artist deconstructs objects to find what bits she can experiment

and play with. This often leads to a final object that requires further contempla-

tion. An object that subconsciously is imprinted with one of the multitude of thoughts that are floating in her head.


Dianne interested finding the relationship between our external and internal envi- ronments. A background in nursing contributes to an ongoing interest in anatomy and physiology. How we occupy space both physically and psychologically along with her life experiences are also influences on her works.

- 'My, My, Time Flies' is inspired by moments of watching the seasons

change over the half century that the artist has lived in Canberra. She has reflected on the relationship between the seasons and her own mortality.

Set inside light bulbs small objects rotate each second. They are meta-

phors for time, the seasons, age, life and mortality. All four beating at the

same time evoke a sense of the foetal heart beat, an awareness of the cycles of life. Where one thing ends another will start and 100 years will beat onto another 100 years.....


- 'Insidious' is a metaphor that expresses the idea that by making use of an inherent network of systems, what is contained has the capacity to metas- tasis; to transform or shift.