The urban environment is in a state of perpetual flux, which is reflected in the human activity that inhabits its streets and architecture. I witness the movement of people to the city from the beginning of the working day to the wee hours of the morning when clip clop conversations pass by my door. Inspired by this movement, by human desires and influenced by the surreal, unpredictable nature of found objects and materials my sculptures are  an assemblage of these discarded elements which I use to express my personal observations of the world.

Metronome’ is a metaphor for the urban environment, like music it has composition and structure and sounds which have there own rhythm and beat.

The ‘Mirage Metropolis’ is the place of dreams and aspirations; it is beautiful, perfect and fanciful. It represents the reward for the motivation to paint dreams into reality.

‘Permanent Assurance’ evokes a sense of the boxes people live in or out of by choice or circumstance, it reflects the movement of the urban environment.