Artist Statement

The human race since it became consciously aware has been confronted with the need to find its identity and place. Our identity is determined by the society and cultural environment that we live in. My sculptures address the human environment; the body and within it explores the microcosm that is us. Underpinning my contemplation of the mechanics of human nature are my life experiences, as a former health worker, mother and a women. Through my work I wish to convey the fundamental nature that links my background to my work, purveying in the sculptures human qualities as metaphors or utterances of my perceived observations of the world.

Through the use of discarded materials and objects I aim to fabricate and shift them from junk to art. Initially the development of the work begins with exploring farms, backyards, recycling businesses or waste disposal bins and any where one might find junk. Uncovering materials or objects; is not specific; they attract me like a child to candy. Hence my environment evolves into a collection of objects and materials that I consider through play and drawing until a point in time moves me and the materials to begin a journey of discovery. I see the potential amongst their abandonment; there is an essence of beauty in something as superfluous as a video tape, this process is largely the substance of my assemblages. As the sculptures emerge I seek out knowledge on how to directly join different materials to attain an aesthetic outcome.

I envision the sculptures as being ambiguous, for me this is about being human; that moment of not always knowing what I see or what I’ve imagined is not always what I get. The works embody the history of the found objects and materials’ previous lives and my intimate connection to the mechanism of their making. The conclusion is elements that are in a sense anthropomorphic – having human qualities with metaphoric content often indicated by the works title, such as “Succulent” a plant from the cactus family that can survive in arid conditions, is a metaphor for survival.