Artist Statement

I work primarily with paint, painting and drawing, but do work with mixed mediums such as fabrics and textiles too. I work full time in a job I really enjoy, in a field unrelated to the visual arts. This makes me a part-time artist, which can be a challenging balance and makes a rhythm with my artistic work difficult to establish and maintain.


I have many influences, and draw attributes from different artists to teach myself new ways of rendering say subjects, colour or texture, rather than trying to emulate a particular style.  This is always an interesting and at times surprising process. I am also driven but my immediate environment and what I see in my day-today life including the physical environment of Canberra.

“The Rhythm of Trees” is a work in acrylic paint inspired by the natural Rhythms found in nature at both the micro and macro level. These Rhythms are not always apparent, particularly in static objects such as trees. However, as living things they have their own daily and seasonal rhythms, marked out by the passage of the sun.

These Rhythms are more evident in Canberra which has four distinct seasons with the accompanying fluctuations of heat and cold. Deciduous trees mark the passage of each season with variations in their foliage and appearance and subtly affect all living things around them, people and animals alike.