Namadgi Healing:
Fire has long shaped Australian forests and landscapes and is a regular occurrence in places around Canberra such as the Namadgi National park. To the on looker after a fire, it would seem as if the forest was beyond recovery with charred and twisted trees reaching their blackened limbs skyward. To the forest, fire is one of the natural rhythms to which it has adapted and after some rain and a little time a green grey tinge returns and the forest rebuilds itself.

The planting
Forests created  by humans are a familiar feature of the Canberra landscape and stand in stark contrast to how the native forests rebuild after being destroyed by fire, logged or cleared. 'The planting' depicts the bright pink plastic capsules to protect young non-native trees  from the blazing sun and strong hot westerly winds that prevail over Canberra Summers. This work illustrates how humans often rebuild in a way which is out of step with the existing environment, and how hard they work to keep things off-balance.